A time for fierce fucking love

It has been challengjoseph_pulitzer_3c_1947_issue_u-s-_stamping for me to surrender into my pleasure lately, as I know it has been for many. It has been hard to find inspiration to write. How do I find peace in my heart, at the dawn of a new cycle of hatred in the world? One answer keeps coming to me: love. Humility like never before. In this moment of history, pleasure and love are acts of resistance. In every touch, in every sigh, in every orgasm. I am listening more carefully – what more can I learn in order to live in a good way? I am offering my gifts – trusting my gifts. I am committing – that I am an ally, a friend, a lover. Believing I am the change. I am calling on myself to step up, to find the leader and the lover within. I am enough.

Yesterday I read an impassioned and wise plea that we all take time, right now, to write. Remind ourselves of our core values and dreams. What are we willing to let happen? What are our boundaries? Because a systematic attempt is about to be made to change who we are and what we are willing to stand for. We won’t even feel it happening. So today, we write down who we are now, so that next year, or five years from now, we can read about that person and check in to see if we are still that person. And behave as if we are still that person. Do not let them strip away our courage, our values, our beliefs.

Love is the movement. Fierce. Fucking. Love.