Degrees of sexparation

Photo credit – Daniel Walker

I just found out today while listening to a podcast that I’ve been intimate with someone who has been intimate with Nina Hartley. Now  I’ve never played the Kevin Bacon game, and I’m certainly not what some friends call a “star f&#!@er”, but this kind of titillated me. I’m two degrees of sexparation from a porn star!


Nina Hartley

For those of you who don’t know, Nina Hartley is a remarkable human being. Not only has she been making porn for longer than anyone in the history of making porn (over 30 years!), she is also an activist and educator. She has devoted her life and career to making pleasure healthy and safe for people. Have you heard her speak? Incredibly inspiring. Check out her podcasts with Sex Nerd Sandra here and here, and with Sex with Emily here

I’ve never been very interested in mapping out my polycule (see KIMCHI cuddles), but I have to not-so-secretly admit that today’s surprise was kind of fun.

Thank you for everything you have done for the world, Nina!