Journeying with the beloved (“Moon Boots”)

I want to walk through a kaleidoscope like a butterfly
Through primordial portals, you and I
Where slowly time and space merge,
Pastoral fractals emerge, memories scatter then purge

Dysmorphic figures sinking into warm sheets
Your trunk and limbs envelope me, your heart beats
Your whispers, moist breath on the nape of my neck
And I am melting into ecstatic

Bliss, this kiss, I sense lingering like dew drops
From your lips, left on the tips
Of each fine hair descending down my spine
While one hand gently caresses my jaw line

Irridescent strands of silk once woven across times
Dissolve now, she momentarily frees us from these lines
Now lives, over and over,
Suddenly and clearly intertwined

Phantasmagoric allegory,
Dew drops gather into waterfalls pouring
Crystalline visions, story after story

We surrender to a rhythm of love making
As these visions dance across generations and genus
Living light radiates like bioluminescence within us
“Gentle”, says the medicine, “you are only beginners”

So back through the looking glass, this magic carpet ride
Floats us home to safety, you and I
As journeying and dream time softly collide
And the kaleidoscope ran away with the butterfly

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