Cosmic love pod

We are dancing. Eyes smiling, bodies lightly touching, my fingers trace his waist, he lifts a hand to my shoulder. Butterflies briefly take a gentle flight through my being then flitter off into the light night air. Such bliss. This is the first night we are out dancing together, with our community, our friends, our chosen family. Not just us. I mean capital “U” Us. We are five tonight. Five hearts, five souls, intertwined with the divine. Some of us have been loving each other for a few months, some a few years. Tonight we are a daisy chain, a constellation, a pod. And on this night we are leaving our stories behind. We are simply here, trusting love. We are here to surrender into the abundance and purity that is. We choose to listen, we choose to see and receive these gifts.

His eyes gracefully scan across the room. “I haven’t seen Jessica in a while”.  He is in love with Jessica, and she feels like a sister to me.

“Let’s go find her!” I reply with enthusiasm. I have spent the evening aware of where the five of us are in the room, making sure to nourish this blissful vibe and share freely and easily with this magical constellation of beings.

“Ya!” he exclaims joyfully. He takes my hand and turns, takes a step. Then he stops. He turns back to me, holds both of my hands, and looks at me. There is a pause. His blue eyes sparkle at me with the wonder of a child. His face is soft and he is smiling with gratitude.

“This is real”. His heart already knows this. His mind has just crossed the threshold into full embodiment of this knowing. He receives this gift with grace and lightness of being. He is an angel. “This is really happening”.

My smile turns to a happy grin and my eyes light up. “Yes! I know! We’re really doing this!” We laugh, and sigh. One more pause, lost in each other’s grateful gaze.

He turns away again, and together we playfully bounce across the dance floor, looking for a beloved from this beautiful cosmic love pod.


One thought on “Cosmic love pod

  1. Clint February 2, 2016 / 8:09 am

    Love tribe vibe! Bless


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