Two lovers, please universe

wishing_star_by_oh_my_jaThe first kiss was gentle and filled with respect and friendship. Every move was intentional, delicate, and graceful. He carefully undressed me and with every new inch of our bodies that we gifted to each other, our eyes would connect and we would smile and offer a playful but quiet giggle. It felt right to offer myself fully that morning, and we made love as though we had been best friends for years and with the clear intention of celebrating that friendship in a way that could never be compromised. As the first rays of sun fell upon us, we curled up in sweet sweat and drifted away in each other’s arms. When we awoke mid-morning, the room was just as tender and happy and we dressed and started our day with deep appreciation for our friendship that was forever now more special than it had been before. We enjoyed coffee and shared stories with my roommates, revelling in the lingering memories from the previous night. Before leaving, he pulled out a blue hemp anklet from his bag, telling me that he was learning how to make them, and that he had made this one the day before. As he had made it, he said he did not know who it was for. This morning, he knew the answer and without hesitation, placed it around my ankle with that same delicate love that he had shared with me the previous night. The turquoise colour perfectly matched the shirt I had chosen to wear that day. Sweet serendipity.

The rest of the weekend I spent completely buzzed out on life. I had a wonderful friendship with Nick, and meanwhile I was also crushing on Derek. Remembering that I had asked the universe for two lovers before leaving the country to return home, I wondered if Derek would be my second? I certainly did not want to make assumptions, but I had a feeling about Derek still that I could not kick. And I was not alone. I met with my friend Chelsea later the day after the party, and she quickly asked me “so who is that Derek fellow? How long have you been hanging out with him?”. I replied that I had only just met him at the party. She was surprised , adding that the energy between us seemed very familiar. I acknowledged that I felt the same way, and was happily surprised to hear that it was not just me noticing the connection between Derek and I. A couple of days later, my friend Jill asked me the same thing. So it was obvious to the world that Derek and I did, indeed, have something special brewing. Perhaps my sixth sense was right.

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