The Truth Part 2


My heart continues to melt, and my soul is enveloped and nurtured as, page by page, I journey ever deeper into one person’s journey into sex, love, authenticity and spirituality. I am continuing to devour Neil Strauss’ new book, “The Truth: an uncomfortable book about relationships”. This excerpt captures the essence of why I am here, giving a voice to the spiritual hedonist inside of me. Here Neil discovers the very real possibilities for love and healing within a group sex environment:

“I gaze deeply into the world in [her] eyes and she into mine – and it feels like love. Not the love that is a thought that comes with expectations of commitment and fears of abandonment, but the love that is an emotion that makes no demands and knows no fear. I’ve found, for a moment, love in a swing club.

“Connected sex is a spiritual experience…because it’s a release from ego, a merging with the other, a discorporation into the atoms vibrating around us, a connection to the universal energy that moves through all things without judgement or prejudice.

“Thus, orgasm is the one spiritual practice that unites nearly everyone on the planet, and perhaps that is why there’s so much fear and baggage around it. Because…it is sacred.

“And every orgasm. Is in itself an act of faith. An attempt to reach out. And just for a moment. Relieve our separateness. Escape from time. And touch eternity. And, yes!

“As she drenches the mattress, I fill the condom.

“Not only did I find love at an orgy, I think I found enlightenment.”

I have experienced the touch of the creator in the sacred sensuous space of a play party, a swing club, an unexpected connection in a cuddle puddle at a house party. I am so grateful that people “out there” are beginning to talk about the healing powers of sexuality beyond the limits offered within ‘traditional’ relationship structures. Thank you, Neil.


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    refreshing insight that suggests love & sex can be the same…and that an orgasm is a spiritual experience that unites nearly everyone

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