Photo courtesy of erosphotos.com


A string of perfect moments. Juicy, swept-away-into-bliss, bodies, rhythmic perfection, harmonious connection. This isn’t our first time, it’s the fourth actually. Yet it’s been this good. Every time. I am surrendering into a sea of lovers, four of us, moving with the grace and harmony of a string quartet. Direction undulates among us, now leading, now following, this sensual dance that elegantly draws one moment to the next. Conscious and playful, sensitive and intuitive, intense and loving, adventurous and courageous. Four hearts intertwined, limbs writhing in synchronous pleasure, snakes at the bottom of a ravenous pit of ecstatic bliss. Coiling, slithering, succumbing, suggesting. Laughter, moans, a collective breath. Lungs and lingam and tongues tasting beads of sweat, sweet scents. My lips, mouth, face all repeatedly, rhythmically pounded, from the roots up into your mons pubis, as I lay prone before you and take direction from the pelvic thrusts of my hungry lover behind me. The sweetness of your yoni pressing hard into me with each thrust. Your taste is divine and my desire rises up from my cervix, through me, through my heart, and out from my throat and into you. As we continue I feel your close shaves hairs beginning to rub my upper lip raw, and I am torn between the scraping of my face and the taste of you on my tongue as my lover continues to plunge ever deeper into me. I escape briefly from a thousand scratches by lowering my face below you, to where your own lover is perched under your reverse cowgirl. I lick you off of him between each pulse, wave after wave after wave. He kisses the back of your neck, your head rolls back to connect with him and your moans draw in a small audience that gathers respectfully and curiously just beyond the parted curtains behind me. I lift my head and am once again smashed face first into your erect pussy. My lover’s hands are firm on my hips, and my yoni eagerly devours him. This is my first time exploring eros in a venue where complete strangers wander amongst the curtains and are invited to linger, to witness our love. I intentionally avert my eyes from the others, since I have surrendered so completely into this delightful foursome and am finding myself feeling safe in my body. I want to stay here, consciously, in my body, with you, and your lover, and my lover. I want to fully honour you, honour us. This safe sensual space where arousal embraces us. With each breath I sink deeper into my pleasure, and I no longer care that your shaved pubes against my soft skin is causing discomfort. The redness is just a reminder of this divine gift.


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